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Information Protection

Even if certain information does not rise to the level of trade secrets or patent eligibility, its dissemination or use may be protectable by contract.  Various types of contracts may be and should be used to protect your proprietary information.  For example, employment agreements should be used to ensure your company owns the intellectual property created or developed by its employees.  Also, end user license agreement (EULA’s) may be used to govern the use of your website or software product.  Confidential information may further be protected by nondisclosure agreements between you and potential licensees, employees, vendors, independent contractors, or customers.


Every contractual situation is unique, and you should be wary of a purported one size fits all approach.  Once you gain an understanding of what is possible, you can determine what you want to get out of the contract.  Although contracts are usually built on past experience with similar situations, each factual scenario and party relationship should be analyzed to tailor the contract to meet your expectations.


RKM provides you with personalized attention at all stages of a contractual relationship, from inception to execution, and if necessary, enforcement.  RKM helps you understand your rights and obligations from the outset in an attempt to avoid unwanted surprises.

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